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super bowl party ideas.

Even though my beloved Buffalo Bills are surprisingly not in the Super Bowl this year (I guess the pain of making it four times in a row just to lose four times in a row is still too much to bear), I am super excited for Sunday’s game. We’re close enough to Baltimore to acceptably root for the Ravens – but I have a teeny crush on Kaepernick and our friend Brett is a huge Niners fan. Either way, let’s get real here. Any excuse to hang out with friends, drink good beers and graze on a plethora of snacks is a reason to celebrate indeed.

I still have no idea if we are hosting a Super Bowl party or if we are going to be guests at a friend’s party, but I have fallen in love with these creative football party decoration & food ideas. So either I better get a move on – or you better be ready for me to show up at your house on Sunday with a roll of craft paper, masking tape, Bingo cards and mini mason jars full of taco dip. Let’s get ready to rumbleeeeeeeeeee!

Football Field Table via Karin Lidbeck-Brent:


Football silverware caddies via Rust & Sunshine:


Super Bowl Bingo via Studio DIY:


Solo cup in “Possession” drink tags via Occasions:


Individual seven layer dip in MASON JARS (come onnnnnn) via Sweet Savory Life:


Chocolate-covered football strawberries via Domestic Fits:


And for all the football party food recipes your little heart (and belly) can possibly take, go see Jessica. She’s got you covered!


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