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taste of salt on a carolina shore.

We returned from another amazing Izzo vacation on Kiawah Island last week. Although reality gets easier with each day that passes…nothing beats biking to the beach, forgoing the kickstand, running to the water, splashing through perfectly tempered salt water while feeling that warm Southern sun beaming on your face.

me and ma boo.

Especially when you’re now sitting inside with a bag of frozen corn pressed to your swollen face, eating applesauce and starting your seventh episode of Mad Men.

Maybe scheduling my wisdom teeth extraction the weekend after returning from paradise wasn’t the smartest move for my mental health. But hey, least rinsing with salt water brings me back to the beach for a few minutes each day.

What a pathetic picture I’m painting here, huh? To be honest, I was expecting to feel/look a lot worse than I do. Saturday was a bit rocky (and fuzzy) after I got back from the doctor’s (Matt said I was hilarious, giving thumbs up to all the doctors as they wheeled me outta the place while also trying to say, through a mouthful of gauze, “that only took two seconds! Two seconds!”) but I finally starting to feel a bit back to normal. Partly because of the meds, partly because the Vitamix. Green monster smoothies are a cure-all, people.

Well, green monster smoothies and Don Draper. And since I have so many episodes to catch up on before I heal/have no excuse to lay on the couch and whine, here are some simple snapshots from our lovely week in Kiawah.


i can wake up every day to this.


the family matriarchs. :)


i moonlight as a postcard photographer.


Emma is certainly a beach baby!


nothing beats where this sidewalk ends.


Yea, we were in the 4th of July bike parade. No big deal.

all the grandkids!

all the grandkids!


Watching the fireworks on the beach with ma boo, family & vino…one of my favorite 4th of July’s yet.

I see you, gator.

I see you, gator.

totally not sneaking into the snack cupboard...these were on the floor when we got here.

totally not sneaking into the snack cupboard…these were on the floor when we got here.




the week was full of amazing vegetarian dishes, like this black-bean-avocado-quinoa salad from Kyra.


ummm AND CAT’S CRADLE! Took us forever to re-master Jacob’s Ladder but, we did it!



cruisin’ for a bruisin’


that grass, that sky…that look of annoyance in Matt’s eye while I took this 32,973 photo.


i adore this picture, and that little girl!


teamwork makes the dream work, especially when it comes to drip castles.


last family bike ride to the beach.


Matt literally had to drag me out of there, kicking and screaming…and prancing.

Hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day celebrating this amazing country of ours. Now who wants to bring me fro-yo?

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One thought on “taste of salt on a carolina shore.

  1. Anne Marie, what a great post! It was nice to relive Kiawah through your eyes. I’m glad you are finally recovered from your surgery.

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