words for the week

e.b. white


I know, I’m late. I might officially be an Izzo,  but I will always be a Minnuto. We’re not great with time management.

Anyways, this quote struck a chord with me as I was just out for a regular training run the other day through Rock Creek Park when all of a sudden, I noticed just how green the grass was. It was just so beautiful, the color, the vibrance, the way the sun was hitting it – I seriously couldn’t get over it. Blame it on the polar vortex/five months of gray winters, but I was in absolute awe of grass. And the notion of it humored me at first, but then I thought – why wouldn’t I always be enamored with how green grass is? Or how clouds slowly roll in, how water moves calmly down a creek or how sunsets paints the sky with pinks, purples and orange tints. Wonder is all around us, every where we go, and yet most of the time we don’t give it a second glance.

So even though Mother Nature is currently serving us a huge rainstorm this morning that I have to walk to work in, I’m going to try to look for the wonder of it all underneath my umbrella. :)


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One thought on “words for the week

  1. The most beautiful wonder of Mother Nature that simply takes my breath away is to see the sun’s rays reaching down to us. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to pull my car over to just stare at this! Just so many ways to see the beauty of God.

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