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these boots are made for…me!

While I am currently writing a super long post about my running journey, the Nashville marathon and crazy life changes, I thought I would update you on more important matters for the time being.




As my gift to myself for running the hell out of 26.2 miles in Nashville, I picked up a pair of boots I had been drooling over since first visiting Nashville last year. While the store I originally went to last year closed down, there is a magical place on Broadway called “Boot Country” that has – get this – a “buy one, get two pair free” deal! Now, lord knows I don’t need three pairs (ahem, I’m using the word “need” lightly here) so thankfully I have the Minnuto gift of gab and quickly became best friends forever with two other girls in the store. We actually all bought the same boot, split the cost (I told you, best friends forever) and walked out of there paying a third of the price we would have paid for just one pair. Now that’s what I call Southern hospitality.

I don’t know what I’m more proud of, that deal or my marathon time.

Also ya’ll… since the leather on the boots stretches out the more you where them, I had to buy a size and a half down…an 8 and a half. EIGHT AND A FREAKING HALF! I haven’t worn that size since like 5th grade! Now that I know this, I might not buy another shoe other than cowboy boots ever again in my life.


When I got back to the hotel to show Matt, I was gushing over them like a maniac. “I just…feel so right in these. Like I’m home.” Honest, I said that. And the more I wear them, the more I stand by that statement.

(Well, minus the night of the marathon, when I decided – even though my feet were killing me from the run – that I totally had to wear the too-small-for-me-right-now boots on my-swollen-as-all-heck feet that night to meet up with my fellow cowboy-boot wearing, amazing friend Danielle, who moved from DC last year. Thank goodness for pomegranate margaritas.) Look at how happy you are when you wear cowboy boots with friends.



A few weeks and some serious breaking-in later (wearing slipper socks does wonders for stretching out leather, people)…


…me and my cowboy boots go everywhere together. <3



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